QuickBooks Reports and Graphs My PreferencesReports and Graphs are a key part of making data significant in QuickBooks.  This section will cover the options that are available in the My Preferences tab for reporting purposes.

  • Prompt Me to Modify Report Options before Opening a Report
    • This option will automatically open the Modify Report window when you create a report.
  • Reports and Graphs
    • This section has options regarding refreshing reports. You can either choose to be prompted to refresh, refresh automatically, or you can choose not to refresh at all. If you use large reports that take a long time to refresh, you may want to choose not to use the automatic refresh feature as it may slow down productivity.
  • Draw Graphs in 2D
    • This is a great tool for slower computers. This option will force QuickBooks to draw all graphs only in 2D which will help speed up processing time
  • Use Patterns
    • To further speed up performance when rendering a graph, choose Use Patterns to display reports in black and white instead of with colored elements.