A different approach is needed in QuickBooks when creating a chart of accounts for churches and religious organizations. QuickBooks Chart of Accounts for Churches and Religious OrganizationsThese companies are considered to be non-profit, as they do not offer products or services the same way that other businesses do. Instead, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other religious groups rely entirely on donations and fund raising to support their organizations.

Income accounts for churches and other religious organizations should be based how the money is raised. It is typical to have income accounts for benevolence offerings, mission offerings, and pledges. Create new items in QuickBooks if people donate to a specific cause run by the organization such as a youth group or a building fund. If the church charges money for renting out space or for performing ceremonies like marriages, bar or bat mitzvahs, or funerals, then the proceeds from these services could be placed into a special services income account.

Expense accounts should be kept for events and costs are considered normal being a non-profit organization. Some examples of expense accounts are:

  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Evangelism Events and other special events
  • Ministry Costs
  • Printing Costs for Promotional Materials
  • Donations to other Non-Profits

For detailed expense accounts, click here to download a sample chart of accounts.

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