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A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rentals

Vacation property management book for short-term rentals will teach YOU a streamlined step-by-step system and have you transform your business to be more proficient, effective and insightful in no time.

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We as a team have saved so much time, reduced double data entry, reduced our overhead and over $10,000 in audit fees and penalty. Needless to say, we made the right decision in getting to know you and working together. By the way, thanks for helping us rescheduling with our auditor. We did get a green light. Thank you again.

Victoria Graham  Myrtle Beach, SC

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Management all in One System

Get Your Hands on Gita Faust’s Complete Instructions for Managing Vacation Rentals using QuickBooks software!

From: Gita Faust, Landlord, Accountant, QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

Dear Vacation Rentals by Owners, Managers, Realtors, QuickBooks consultants, and users,

I’d like you to ask yourself, how do YOU earn a living right now?

Are you a…

  • Vacation Rental for Real Estate Investors who likely spends over 40 hours a week managing properties and keeping track of all your bookkeeping, but whose bottom line is always in the red?
  • Vacation Property Management for Manager who works 10+ hours a day promoting your business AND managing your money, owners, and guests, but still are only getting paid a flat fee for all the time you spend at your office?
  • QuickBooks Bookkeepers and Consultant who works over 50 hours on researching and testing on how to use QuickBooks for your vacation rentals clients, while only get paid for the time you work on clients files?
If you are nodding your head to any of the above scenarios, I am here to tell you there IS a better and smarter way to learn.

I am offering you a way to make the best use of your time and reduce your frustration. There are specifics steps you can take to use, enter, and view your data to attract more clients with less time and little or no budget. It’s easy, simple, and the MOST PROFITABLE way to learn QuickBooks for vacation rentals. Learn how to maximize the potential of an inexpensive and simple to use the software.

Here’s my personal story…

Years ago, when I began to teach QuickBooks, I was nervous; but my clients gave me a vote of confidence. Everyone I worked with told me I HAD to share my system and workflow with their friends and competitors. Since then, I have spent hundreds of hours perfecting my program for management and accounting and creating a step by step system for each segment of the real estate industry. As an Accountant and Advanced QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor in business for 15 years, I found better and better ways to help my real estate clients eliminate errors and produce accurate reports that could be used daily.

And that is what I love the most about my business!

Vacation Rentals Sites
Do you utilize online reservation software that is weak in managing the financial side of property management, including work order management, maintenance and repair costs tracking, commission payments, owner revenue statement generation, and integration into QuickBooks?

We will teach you to implement processes where you will only enter a transaction one time and in only one system, capturing your entries in reports with one click.

Have you used QuickBooks for the past few years to primarily only to capture all of our banking and credit card transactions from the banks, categorize them for tax purposes, and pass along to your accountant to use in income tax preparation, but you do not use it to fully create a valid “set of books”.

We will help you to come up with a plan to use QuickBooks in running your vacation rental business and implementing “best practices” in one place.

My Goal Is to Teach You:

  • Take the Mystery Out of QuickBooks
  • Which Accounts to Use and Why
  • Follow a Crystal Clear Map
  • Counter-Intuitive Ideas That Work
  • Learn to Use Shortcuts
  • Over 100+ Crucial Reports
  • Customize Your Own Reports
  • Learn the Right Procedures
  • Systems You Need to Put in Place
  • Learn to Recognize Revenue
  • Avoid Mistakes on Tax Returns
  • Take Control of Your Business
  • Save Money on Bookkeeping
  • Save Time with Our System

You’ll Learn How To:


Support Unit Rates

Track Guest Deposits

Collect Deposits

Guest Balances

Guest Reservation Dates

Travel Agent Commission

Track Work Orders

Create Property Statements

Chart of Accounts

Enter Credit Card Charges

Track Cleaning Crew

Pay Lodging Taxes

Enter & Pay Vendor Bills

Reconcile Trust Accounts

Manage Operating Account

Easily Create 1099’s

And more…

The Book Covers the Following Topics


File Setup
QuickBooks file setup includes customized setup, Chart of Accounts, items list and more.

Trust Accounting
The capability of providing trust management and accounting is limitless.

Booking Sites
Enter reservation from booking sites and memorize for future reservations.

Sales and Lodging Tax
Learn to apply, collect and record tax for each property to state, county and/or city sales tax authorities.

Revenue Management
Recognize each reservation revenue by check-in or check-out dates.

Use over 100+ reports and analyze your business to avoid errors from general ledger to trial balance.

Step-by-Step Instructions
Practical system you can use every day to help run your business smoothly.

Easily implement quickly by viewing our videos we have created.

Plan with our unique strategy taking day to day procedure and applying to your specific needs.

Here’s What You’ll Get:







Every Day, People are Making Money by managing vacation rentals, taking reservations online, and using QuickBooks. Why Not You? It’s Time to learn and MAKE your business profitable. Let QuickBooks Addict and mentor, Gita Faust, share her secrets on how you can create and use QuickBooks producing meaningful reports.

Which Book is Right for You?

Works with QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Enterprise


A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rentals by Owner

A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rentals by Owner: Gita Faust

check-markFor Landlords Who Manage Their Own Properties
check-markRecord Purchase and Sale of a Property
check-markTrack Reimbursements
check-markRecord Personal Investments and Loans
check-markEnter Hard Money Loans
check-markEnter Soft Money Loans
check-markTrack Construction Loans
check-markSave Taxes with Cost Segregation
check-markAllocate Overhead Expenses to Property
check-markAllocate Profit Sharing

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A QuickBooks Guide for Vacation Rental Managers

QuickBooks Vacation Rental Managers Cover

check-markFor Managers Who Manage Landlord’s Properties
check-markManagement Fees
check-markWrite Owners Checks
check-markOwners Statements Summary
check-markOwners Statements Detail
check-markManage Travel Agents
check-markInclude Markups
check-markVendor Deposits
check-markReserve Funds
check-markCreate Owners 1099

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