A lot of you may be wondering what Intuit QuickBooks can do to simplify a complicated work routine; the software provides a lot of useful tools for businesses in the construction industry, for instance. Ask yourself these questions: are you tired of using an excessive number of Excel sheets? Does going through arduous tasks like reviewing reports make your eyelids droop with exhaustion from repeating the same routine over and over? Do you struggle to monitor your business efficiently, even at the most convenient times?

If that is the case for you, then do you feel like it is finally time to ditch such old routines and traditions? Intuit QuickBooks helps you easily manage your money in multiple ways:

Minimize your costs. When you start a business, you expect to initially invest and then eventually get your money back a thousand-fold. By using an accounting software like QuickBooks, you reduce costs because it helps you eliminate all risks of possible errors that commonly occur with manual data entry. Not only can that save you from unnecessarily spending your money, but it can save you from wasting your valuable time. Additionally, compared to similar software, QuickBooks is quite affordable for all companies. Stop spending and get saving!

Maximize the convenience. Running a construction business is not nearly as easy as many people assume. There are many things to which you need to tend, but many times you can find yourself with little to no time to complete very important tasks; that is why QuickBooks was created for you. Aside from its low-cost price, QuickBooks’ capability to work from anywhere on multiple devices such as a laptop, computer, tablet or even smartphone makes your job much more manageable. Do you ever stop while you are out and realize you forgot to check something for work? No worries! Take QuickBooks everywhere you go using your device!

Simplify payroll calculations. Another daunting task to do is giving out payroll to your employees. Doing it in-house can put a strain on your payroll team–but with QuickBooks, it is like hiring a team all-in-one. How can it be so useful? The app has many abilities, such as tracking hours, running payroll, and calculating and paying taxes. Your only job is to approve the times your employees enter and click run. Intuit calculates taxes and deductions in an instant and directly deposit the paychecks to employees’ bank account. Not only does it make a complicated task effortless, but it also saves you thousands of dollars by reducing the labor for payroll and avoiding tax penalties.

Make invoicing effortless. Whether you like to admit it or not, everybody who does invoicing knows it requires a great deal of time and effort. It is unfortunate to spend so much time on such a task when you could be allocating that time towards your valued customers. However, by utilizing the QuickBooks customer center, you can create invoices without any hassle. You also have the option to customize your invoices when you use a template to represent your brand on and off the job site. You can send invoices online and view if it has already been seen by the recipient. In addition, tracking your invoices and sending reminders to unpaid accounts is a breeze.

Get the big pictures of your business. Generate financial reports such as Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Customer Open Invoices, Vendor Unpaid Bills, Job Profitability reports, and many more; QuickBooks helps you gain a clearer understanding of the health and success of your construction company. By doing such, the software helps you make important financial decisions and take steps on your own.

Overall, Intuit QuickBooks helps your business in a number of ways. The application is the best method for maximizing efficiency and profits and minimizing costs and time. Most businesses are always searching for ways to boost their cash flow and ease their workflow; get ahead of the competition and start using QuickBooks today!