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The Only QuickBooks Add-on You Need For: Mapping Jobs Billable Classes Sales Tax

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THE HOME DEPOT is a registered trademark of Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. The Home Depot does not sponsor or endorse this product and is not in any way affiliated with Fast Trac Consulting.

Do you shop at The Home Depot®?

Are you a QuickBooks user, if so our add-on is not limited to the following industries:

  • Contractors

  • Developers

  • Manufacturers

  • Real Estate Investors

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Why Should I Use It?

You can use this software if you or one of your team members is:

  • Entering purchases manually

  • Importing an IIF file

  • Using bank feeds

  • or any other import software

What Import Home Depot Charges into
QuickBooks Can Do For You


Use Import Home Depot Charges into QuickBooks to pull off accurate actual vs estimates and be more competitive without having to hire your own bookkeeper.


Automate tedious tasks such as importing each material, jobs, class and more.


Pay one low monthly fee for access to unlimited features and free support.

increase your profits
I got it woohoo! Took me about an hour, what used to take me all week and sometimes more to do. Life is good. I just finished my first upload. This program has by far been my favorite; I wish I would have found this a month ago when I began my searches. The program is so user-friendly, Thanks so much, LOVE this program.

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Feature Overview


Integrate QuickBooks With Other Services

QuickBooks is such a big part of your business. You need it to be able to talk to the other services you use.

We are constantly building integrations between QuickBooks and other tools. Our item integration allows you to connect Home Depot charges to your QuickBooks account with ease. Run Actual expenses by Job? We’ve integrated QuickBooks with Home Depot so you can finally sync your charges to analyze your expense and profits.

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QuickBooks Integration Home Depot

QuickBooks Profitability - Estimate Like a Pro

Estimate Like the Pros

Apply the same tactics the top QuickBooks users are applying in their business.

Add urgency to your estimates using Item Profitability. Track money spent vs money earned by past materials purchased and job profits using reports. Or maybe you want to track your inventory so you can squeeze in a few more profits.

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Automate More of Your Business

Our customers are busy. We’ve automated the processes they do most often so they can stick to what they do best.

Use Easy Mapping to automate the process of importing credit card charges by job, and class and know exactly which store your made the purchase at. Automate your import process of tracking material billable to job. Use Unbilled Costs by Job to remind you to invoice your customers and be profitable.

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QuickBooks Automation - Automate Your Business

QuickBooks Insights

Get Better Insight Into Your Business

QuickBooks is overwhelmingly full of information it’s just hard to find what you really want. We’ve built some tools to help.

Track your account activity, how your item and job profitability is performing with importing materials in detail. Or find out the lifetime customer value of your contracts.

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Feature Library


Own Your Import

Choose to import as Accounts Payable, Bank or Credit Card Account

Locate Your Files

Browse and link your files; Home Depot summary or details csv file and QuickBooks

Select Item Type

Assign each material as a Service, Inventory, Non-Inventory or Other Charge

Easily Create Item

Choose the SKU to assign to any Item Name is only seen in one place under the Item List

Sales Tax

Apply sales tax to each material by store and record accordingly even if you are tax exempt

Memorize Mapping

Configure and control your mapping for future purchases

Simply Job Mapping

Automate adding/changing as you progress through your import

Accurate Items Split

Distribute materials by quantity and unit price for each Job and/or Class

Customize SKU

Customize item name and description that makes sense to your team

Record Billable?

Recording a billable expense is as easy as setting it, expensing it, and invoicing it

Quickly Copy Down

Apply jobs, sales tax and item and save for future imports

Analyze Reports

Job/Property costing is fundamental to managerial accounting

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Why The Pros Trust Fast Trac Consulting


With over 20 years of experience working with 1000’s of clients and coaching them to increase profits, we have created one of the most useful QuickBooks Add-ons that will help you eliminate manual data entry. Created by the ONLY real estate and property management industry expert.

You Can Feel Confident Because We Are:

  • Intuit Premier Resellers
  • QuickBooks Certified
  • We KNOW QuickBooks!

What is it Costing You?


Doing it Your Way:

If you hire a bookkeeper with hourly rate of $30.00 and it takes 5 hours a week.

  • Your weekly cost is $150
  • Your monthly cost is $600
  • Paying yearly is $4800

And mistakes do happen…

Doing it Our Way:

For just $19.00 a month or ONLY $220 a year you will be able to reduce your costs and:

  • Import the materials automatically
  • Eliminate errors and duplication
  • Save time and money

The app integrates with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise..
System Requirements

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