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Import Home Depot® Charges into QuickBooks

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Import Home Depot Charges into QuickBooks – Software For Contractors, Property Managers, Real Estate Investors, Accountants, and Bookkeepers

Home Depot credits cards are useful for contractors and other small businesses who use the features of the credit card to make purchases. Using the commercial or pro loyalty credit card gives you the option of making a small, minimum payment monthly or paying the balance in full.

I got it woohoo! Took me about an hour, what used to take me all week and sometimes more to do. Life is good. I just finished my first upload. This program has by far been my favorite; I wish I would have found this a month ago when I began my searches. The program is so user-friendly, Thanks so much, LOVE this program.

But There’s a Problem…

Home Depot issues a comprehensive, itemized billing statement to help users track their purchases into their accounting software. Having all the items on one list is helpful, but the charges still needed to be entered, and the format of the file is likely not supported by your software. You may end up entering each charge manually by SKU, description, item, amount, and related jobs. We all know manual data entry has a high risk of errors.

Home Depot Quickbooks Import File Location Name

We Have a Solution!

The QuickBooks Home Depot Import Credit Card Charges app is specifically designed to convert and import each item purchased directly into QuickBooks. The app allows you to manage and monitor all your Home Depot purchases and other activitiy, with just with a few simple clicks and you will be amazed how easy crunching numbers can be! That’s because you don’t really have to do it yourself – the app does all the dirty work for you! Take a look at the amazing features of the app and you will want to SIGN UP for a free trial right away!

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Eliminate Job Costing Errors

A simple error in your records, such as overstating a purchase or payment amount can trickle down through your financial statements and wreak havoc. When information is entered manually, a digit here or there can have a colossal impact. This can lead to a critical job being overstated and might even cause the loss of a client. On the other hand, if Home Depot commercial or pro loyalty credit card purchases and payments are updated automatically in your QuickBooks, your accounts will be error-free!


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No More Duplicate Jobs Name

Suppose you have just repaired roof and entered it as a project in QuickBooks with the name “Red Roof Repair”. When it’s time for you to run a report showing the cost of the job or to determine the expense incurred and the revenue generated from the job, all you have to do is enter the name “Red Roof Repair” in QuickBooks and the accurate results will be displayed. View your job costing report accurately by entering project names into QuickBooks.

Home Depot Reciept

Link SKU To An Account

SKU’s are just more numbers that can baffle and confuse you if you have to enter them manually or link them with a purchase. When each purchase is imported directly into your QuickBooks, all SKU’s and purchases are updated and aligned accurately. Accurately classify credit, discounts, and taxes. Don’t waste time determining which SKU is linked to a specific expense or asset account.  

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Spend Less Time and Money

You can download your account statements from the Home Depot website and enter each item and amount manually in QuickBooks. This task will take several long hours, which you could otherwise spend focusing on your business or just relaxing. Well, with the QuickBooks Home Depot Import Credit Card Charges, you can totally do that. The app automatically enters and updates all information into QuickBooks, saving your precious time and effort.

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Easily Verify QuickBooks Reports

QuickBooks creates accurate financial reports such as balance sheet, the income statement, and statement of cash flows. You can view and verify these reports by date, discount, job, item, or tax on purchases to assess the health of your business and know where your business stands.


Check out what our clients say!

“I am a contractor and I’m not good with numbers. Tracking expenses and receiving payments used to take so much time and effort, until I found this great tool for the Home Depot Commercial Card and it works great for me! It not only makes my purchase process simpler, it lets me manage my business’ accounting accurately and quickly, which gives me more time to do what I love the most – build homes! I recommend it to every Home Depot customer!”
David Levick, contractor
“I am an engineer but I still struggled with entering numbers and descriptions in QuickBooks for every project purchase from Home Depot. A friend recently recommended QuickBooks Home Depot Import Credit Card Charges and I can’t thank him enough. The app does everything for me; literally! It updates the purchases, and creates a bill, credit card charge or a check for me. I can safely say that it’s a lifesaver.”
Liam Cunningham
“I was getting so tired of spending hours entering purchase details in QuickBooks. The software is great no doubt, but inputting data manually leads to so many errors. The QuickBooks Home Depot Import Credit Card Charges is an incredible app and I’m so glad that Fast Trac came up with this great idea. I’m sure their customers will love them even more now – just like I do. “
Anthony Tennant
“I used to go to different stores to buy products for my projects Fast Trac has made shopping and is my all time favorite app. I’ve always commended their great customer service and since I’ve started using the QuickBooks Home Depot Import Credit Card Charges app, I’m not going anywhere else! Fast Trac Consulting has definitely won itself a loyal customer!”
Jones Glamos

So, make the most out of your Home Depot commercial or pro loyalty credit card by integrating the receipts into QuickBooks. Sign up to enjoy the benefits of our app today!

Home Depot Receipts and QuickBooks Software Integration

Import Home Depot Charges into QuickBooks integrates with:

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Accountant
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • Does not work with QuickBooks Online (coming soon)

Import Home Depot Charges into QuickBooks integrates with the desktop version of QuickBooks 2012 and newer. This integration gives you the ability to extract reports by Property (Class) from QuickBooks and use it to create Owners and Property reports by summary and detail.

System Requirements| License Agreement

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home depot revolving quickbooks
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