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Business management software that’s powerful and friendly

6X more capacity over other QuickBooks products2 - Add up to one million names. Track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors, and items.

Flexibility that grows with your business - Easily set up 1 to 30 users.3 Manage your accounting, your payroll, payments, inventory, and more.

The QuickBooks look-and-feel you love - New to business management software? Don’t worry, QuickBooks Enterprise has the friendly, inviting QuickBooks look-and-feel that makes managing your business needs a snap.

See QuickBooks Enterprise in action

QuickBooks Enterprise makes it easy to manage your business end-to-end. See how it can handle your business needs.

Manage your end-to-end work flows with QuickBooks Enterprise

Payroll to save time and money4

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll gives you the power to manage payroll for your employees, create unlimited paychecks, and take advantage of free direct deposit.5 No monthly employee fees.6

Payments with ease7

Get paid faster and easier with QuickBooks Payments. QuickBooks Enterprise auto-updates invoices and sends payments right to your bank. With e-invoicing, you can conveniently email invoices with a Pay Now link to your customers.

Anytime, anywhere QuickBooks8

Our add-on Hosting Service9 lets you take your QuickBooks to the cloud and enjoy the freedom of managing your business anywhere you are. Work with your team across the desk… or across the continent.

Easily run your most critical business reports

With Advanced Reporting,10 your critical business data is right at your fingertips. Improved search functions make searching easier, auto-filled report templates save you time, and a help portal gives you answers whenever you need them. It’s never been easier to use our most powerful QuickBooks reporting tool.

Inventory and pricing designed for product-oriented businesses

Our QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum subscription includes Advanced Inventory11 and Advanced Pricing,12 two powerful tools built into the software. They're designed for manufacturing, contractor, wholesale, retail, and other businesses handling large-scale inventory.

Solutions made for your industry

Is your business in manufacturing, contracting, retail, or nonprofit? QuickBooks Enterprise offers a solution that’s tailor-made for the needs of your industry.

With QuickBooks Enterprise, you’re never alone

Have a question? Our team of U.S.-based QuickBooks experts13 are ready with answers. Automatic product upgrades14 ensure you've got the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise. Online data backup15 also protects your critical business data. Plus, a lot more.

Hear why 91% of customers say QuickBooks Enterprise makes managing their businesses easier.1

"QuickBooks is hands down the best overall business management app on the market. It's affordable, expandable, well known and loved by accounts and office employee potentials alike, for small and large businesses. With IT consultation as one of our primary services, I personally get to see QuickBooks in many different environments, and there aren't many situations to which QuickBooks can't adapt. There's also endless training and help documentation, as well as regional lunch and learns held year round. You just can't beat that."

Mike Hemmes | CEO, Flash Fire Dynamics LLC
"I love your support team. Whenever I have an issue they are always available with the information needed to fix my issues. I also love the ease of setting up the chart of accounts and the ease of creating custom reports then save them for later use. I am happy that the team listens to our needs and adds new features which allow us to make tracking our business growth in a positive way. I love using QuickBooks and discovering and learning new things all the time. It is a great product for our small business."

Mary Lindbergh | Accounting Manager, Living Intentions LLC
"QB Enterprise provides a higher level of sophistication and reporting capabilities. The value in any software application lies in the ability of the user to extract data in a format that allows for timely review to make key management decisions. QB Enterprise has a plethora of standard reports, and are customizable, to accomplish this goal. Secondly, the software is designed for ease of use, in that initial set up is quickly accomplished, basic accounting procedures are simply performed, making it a breeze to train employees on individual tasks within the system."

Brian Lucas | President, Bulk Transfer, LLC
"We used to use a more complex system and needed to make a change - after reviewing a few different options we went with QuickBooks Enterprise 2015. Although it has some limitations compared to our prior system, it has made processing everything so much easier and faster. It's a great system and definitely worth trying."

Tracy | Office Manager, Wald Diversified
"From inventory tracking to billing to budgets, if you need something organized and easy to use, QuickBooks is the ONLY solution, they have superb online support as well as live customer service people that can solve any issue you may come up against. Get it today, start enjoying life again."

Donnie Stafford | Owner, Pioneer Produce
"Quickbooks Enterprise makes such a difference with our manufacturing and inventory control. The user interface makes sense. The layout is easy on the eyes. And it handles our large customer base like a dream."

Larry Allred | IT and Laser Manager, Beck Leather & Crafts
"Nearly unlimited reports, lists and custom fields has made it possible for us to streamline the system for the way we do business, as well as allow us to step up our business structure. I've asked and received specific changes within our operations that have dramatically improved our cash flow and overall performance. The owner would have been reluctant to those changes if it hadn't been for the reporting I was able to generate and present. Enterprise has been our choice for years, it keeps getting better with every version."

Karen Borg | Operations Analyst, Water One
"Very User Friendly!"

Carolyn Harrison | Office Manager, Gerdy Construction | QuickBooks Enterprise Version 2015
"Great program with so many report options. Perfect for my business - for printing checks, invoicing, generating 1099s, exporting documents to Excel, and so much more. The few times I have needed help, customer service was terrific. I'd be lost without QuickBooks!"

Judy Blem | Owner/Operator/Talent Agent, Main Event Talent Agency
"After using multiple softwares throughout different companies ranging from $50K to multi-million dollar companies, QuickBooks Enterprise is still my favorite due to ease of use, great customer support, and great payroll functionality."

Anne | Accounting Specialist, JJKN Management
"The system is very user friendly and I like the ability to kit build. It helps keep my inventory straight."

Dan Dorsett | President, Corvette Parts Warehouse
"The payroll features saves me tons of time and I love how the merchant services and UPS are integrated into the system. Great feature!"

Ronnie Roelse | President, Embroidery, Screen Print, & Promotional Products
"Love that it is easy to use and I can have all my company bookkeeping in one place. I don't have to toggle between software to get the bottom line of where my company stands, it's all in one place."

MaLisa Armijo | Bookkeeper, Thissen Development
"Payroll is much more simple and quick. We have been using Quick Books for years!"

Justin McKee | General Manager, Watson Packer, LLC.

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