Create customized reports and use data from Customer Center to improve your marketing strategy.

Nowadays many small businesses are going mobile.QuickBooks Point of Sale lets you join the trend! You can easily track sales on your mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad) and view inventory data from your smartphone.

Ring up sales quickly with QuickBooks Point of Sale. Your payment account accepts credit cards right from within your app. You can use a barcode scanner to track sales. The software allows you to give your customers a store credit or a discount, make returns, and print gift receipts. Use QuickBooks Point of Sale to track inventory as you sell items or receive them.

Make your customers love your store even more! With the help of QuickBooks Point of Sale, you can track your customers’ purchase information and view their contact details. The software easily integrates with Microsoft Word, so it is easy for you to send your best customers reward letters to let them know how much you appreciate them.

QuickBooks Point of Sale is easy to set up and use. Even if you’re not a QuickBooks or accountant pro, it will be easy for you to install and learn how to work with the software. If you have data in your Excel files, you can easily import it to QuickBooks.

We know how much you value security. That’s why QuickBooks Point of Sale allows you to use a password to protect your administrative features.

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