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Discover the REAL Secret to Running a Highly Successful, Highly Profitable Buy-Rehab-Flip Real Estate Investing Business!

Don’t Let Tedious Bookkeeping or Faulty, Ineffective Budgeting Prevent You from Making the BIG Profits You Deserve Flipping Houses!

Failing to treat their business like a business is the single biggest mistake real estate investors make—a mistake so big that it often forces them out of market.

You see, most people get into the real estate investment business for one or both of the following reasons:

check-mark  To make a lot of money
check-mark  To enjoy the independence that comes with being your own boss

While both of these are fantastic reasons to become a real estate investor, the sad truth is most beginner investors simply lack the business training to flip houses profitably and efficiently. The end result is more real estate investors failing than succeeding each year.

These investors may have business goals, but they often lack the business practices and discipline to turn their goals into reality. Many quickly find themselves overwhelmed by all the administrative tasks and procedures that come with flipping houses for profit.

If you can relate with any of the statements below, keep reading! Are you:

check-mark  Drowning in a sea of paperwork that grows deeper and deeper with every real estate deal you do
check-mark  Frustrated and on edge as you try to stay on top of every little detail needed to flip a house
check-mark  Exhausted from trying to keep track of your rehabs
check-mark  Sick and tired of having to complete the repetitive work that accompanies each and every deal that comes along

It doesn’t have to be this way. What you are about to learn could truly change your life!

Avoid ‘The Price of Success’ …

More often than not, here’s what happens … your real estate business starts to grow and you begin to notice time pressures. Work starts to build up.

You try to combat this by working harder to get everything done, but you begin to realize that by yourself you simply can’t cover all of your bases.

At this point, things either don’t get done OR you have to give up other things in your life (like family time, sports, downtime etc.) so you can pour more time into your business.

Now you start to wonder what happened to all that wonderful independence that you thought would be such a major benefit of your new career.

If this sounds familiar to you, there’s something you need to know—a solution to what you are going through.

Introducing “Flip Real Estate Using QuickBooks”

Our comprehensive guide shows you how to use QuickBooks to create the systems you need to simplify your business and make it easy to produce profits.

With the Flip Real Estate using QuickBooks guide, you’ll learn:

check-mark  How to minimize annoying set-up time to organize your Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks
check-mark  How to eliminate frustrating, tedious Excel spreadsheets once and for all by using QuickBooks
check-mark  How to stop wasting time on complicated bookkeeping and instead start using that time to rehab your property into a beautiful, profitable home
check-mark  How to use Customized Reports to figure out the right selling price for your flip in just seconds
check-mark  How to create quick Financial Summaries to make powerful presentations to your Financiers

Flip Real Estate using QuickBooks makes property management a snap.

Once you start entering your transactions into QuickBooks, you will always know:

check-mark  Where you stand
check-mark  If you are under (or over) budget
check-mark  When you owe money
check-mark  The profitability of a property
check-mark  And much more

This manual covers the entire process of buying, fixing-up, and reselling properties. It shows you everything you need to know about using QuickBooks to make money in your business from analyzing a property to accounting for lender costs, property expenses, selling expenses, and tax consequences.

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Gita’s experience as both a real estate professional and a seasoned accountant with multiple software certifications have given her a unique ability to solve clients’ challenges in the field of real estate accounting. In fact, her real estate accounting solutions have saved investors, landlords, property owners, and property managers thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in time over the years.

Her specialty is providing clients with a step-by-step approach to real estate, property management and financial management using QuickBooks accounting software. Her expertise has even been utilized in the development of QuickBooks Advanced Certification Course material.

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