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QuickBooks Courses and Books

All our courses are written with QuickBooks USA version in mind and we have used the best practices and procedures used by USA businesses. The screen shots are very similar to other countries versions, such as Canada and the UK. If you are using QuickBooks Online, the differences are significant – please read below.


Our printed books may be written showing screen shots from an older version, but the concepts and functionality is the same when using the current version of QuickBooks.


All our eBook files are available in PDF and downloadable files only. Printed book or CD is not available.

All our books and files, including eBooks are copyrighted. We ask that you refrain from making copies. If you wish to purchase additional copies, please contact us.

QuickBooks International Software Versions

All QuickBooks company template files are for USA version and included in the courses we sell as mentioned on the product page.

International QuickBooks Online versions are available for:


Asia Pacific


Middle East and Africa



Daria here is the link http://global.intuit.com/choose-country.jsp you should segement them as a list. Do not add images. And add a hyper link to this page. If you want it more details add quickbooks in front of the country

QuickBooks USA Mac Version Software

QuickBooks Desktop Mac version has been discontinued by Intuit, Inc. in 2016.

QuickBooks USA Online

Our QuickBooks Online books, courses, and the template file include the chart of accounts and item list only. Instructions on how to customize the preferences and reports are included (only aviable in QuickBooks Desktop books and courses). We can help with setup, custom reporting, training and support for your industry, contact us. Do not have a QuickBooks Online subcription? Click here to sign up at a discounted rate.

QuickBooks USA PC Version Software

QuickBooks company template files are available for current and prior two years. Please send us an email with proof of purchase and year you are using. Need a current version of QuickBooks? Call 866-645-3356.

Purchased From

Amazon, Amazon Kindle or Any Other Websites

If you purchase one of our books from Amazon or any other website, we will need to verify your purchase before sending appropriate files or access to our member portal. Instructions are included in the book. Please follow them. If you have questions, simply email us with:

  • Proof of purchase (your receipt)
  • The exact title of the book you purchased
  • The email provided at the time of purchase (files can only be sent to that email)
  • The QuickBooks version you are using (including year and country)