Welcome to your new QuickBooks Online Subscription2017-03-15T12:33:18-05:00

Welcome to your new QuickBooks Online Subscription

Please follow the steps below to get started.

Your User ID and Password will be emailed to you.

Click here or go to qbo.intuit.com to enter your login information. (We recommend you use Chrome for your browser or the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer).

How to add a credit card to pay for your QBO Subscription

Step 1. Login to QBO

Step 2. Top right corner click the gear box ( little round circle looks like a gear box ) with company name

Step 3. Click on Your Account

Step 4. Click the Subscribe button and add the credit card details.

You will then be taken to the setup wizard that will guide you through a few basics needed to create your new company file.

1. Confirm or enter your company information. Click on “Save and Next”.
2. Select your industry and answer a few basic questions about your business. Click on “Save and Next”.
3. Watch while the magic happens. Click on “Save and Next”.
4. You will be taken to the Home Page.

Once your QuickBooks subscription is setup there are a few other key tasks you will want to do right away. If you need help support is available to guide you. QBO phone support at 1- 800-286-6800

1. Connect your bank accounts. The wizard will walk you through activating each bank or credit card account you wish to download transactions from.

a. You will need your user id and password for each Financial Institution.

quickbooks online bank accounts

2. Modify your Chart of Accounts if needed

a. You can review the chart of accounts that QuickBooks created for you and make any changes necessary.
b. Click the gear icon in the top right corner next to your business name and choose “Chart of Accounts”.
c. Add, Edit or Delete the accounts created. You will use these when assigning downloaded bank transactions.

3. Invite an accountant or bookkeeper

a. Click on the link in the Activities panel of the Home Page.
b. Click on the Invite Accountant button.
c. Enter the email and Name of the Accountant or Bookkeeper you want to invite.

quickbooks online invite accountant bookkeeper

4. And last but not least download the Mobile App so you can track your expenses and more on the go from your phone or tablet.