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Q: I have two business construction and property management – some of our customers and tenants are paying late fees. How would

Preserve your relationships with customers, vendors, and others by setting up QuickBooks Reminders Prevent Problems. How many calendars do you maintain? Many

Who doesn’t want to improve their cash flow? There are many ways to do this, including more persistent collection methods, timely invoicing, and the

Q: What type of industry is used for a mortgage broker? A: As you are a service provider – I would suggest

QuickBooks 2012 evolves from a financial management software to a business management software, which makes this QuickBooks more easily adaptable for real estate

At some point, a Customer may request information about their balance with your Company. You can either create mail or email the

The Item Price List is a QuickBooks report that displays a sale item, its price, description, and preferred vendor. If you sell products, this

QuickBooks includes a number of sales reports that can help you strategize your sales tactics and increase revenue. The Sales by Customer Summary report

Know what items and customer have open sales orders and close the deal! QuickBooks has three reports to help you keep track

QuickBooks features six reports that help you determine which jobs are profitable and help you track unbilled costs and purchase orders. The Job Profitability Summary report

In the event that your Company reimburses and bills for mileage, keep track of miles traveled in QuickBooks. Enter vehicle mileage and

Q: Our company uses QuickBooks for real estate. Therefore, we have to issue several 1099-s forms at the end of the year.  It would