Intuit QuickBooks Payments.
Get Paid 2 Times Faster!

Intuit QuickBooks Payments Software Allows You To Receive Online And Mobile Payments, As Well As Email Invoices, In A Fast And Efficient Way.

Intuit QuickBooks Payments is free for your customers – making it even more convenient. The software automatically enters all your payments into QuickBooks, so you don’t have to waste time typing in every payment detail.
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Key Features of Intuit QuickBooks Payments:


Send Invoices

You can email invoices right from QuickBooks using the Pay Now link. Let your customers pay you instantly from their mobile devices.


Accept Payments

You can accept ACH Bank Transfers and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.


Books are Auto-Updated

After your invoice is paid, QuickBooks will update your books automatically.