Simplify Your QuickBooks REI Bookkeeping System – Real Estate and Property Management

Let Gita Faust #1 QuickBooks Real Estate Expert help you with your accounting and bookkeeping needs if you:

  • Are a new real estate business
  • Are a Accountant, Bookkeeper, Controller or a CPA
  • Are QuickBooks Solution Provider just like Gita Faust is
  • Have an existing QuickBooks file and are trying to make sense of your numbers

With years of experience in the real estate and property management industry, Gita Faust knows the in’s and out’s of the best accounting software on the market; she says she has yet to find an accounting system that is as inexpensive and effective as QuickBooks. She decided that she had to share her knowledge of QuickBooks with others in the industry to maximize your bookkeeping processes, procedures, and workflow. With the help of these step-by-step instructions, you can maximize the use of your QuickBooks software to save more time, make more money, and rest more easily knowing that your business is running the way you want.

accounting for real estate agents book cover

Accounting for Real Estate Agents

In addition to simple explanations of every function, the book provides actual templates and other tools you need to keep records – easier and more inexpensive than ever!

This book is for a real estate agent or a broker who do not have agents under them.

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Flip Real Estate with QuickBooks Desktop

Designed for Real Estate Flippers, Investors or Developers and those who support them, this is THE book you wish you had when you started flipping.

Flip Real Estate with QuickBooks for Desktop is an affordable step-by-step guide for setting up a simplified accounting and asset management system that will streamline your deal flow, track expenses and maximize profits in your Real Estate Buy Rehab and Resell business!

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Flip Real Estate with QuickBooks Online - Video Course

Flip Real Estate with QuickBooks Online (Online Course)

The general rule of thumb for flipping properties is buy low, sell high. But how do you know if you are buying low enough or selling high enough? How can you track revenues and expenses in a quick, efficient way to make sure you make ample profit?

This video course is for a real estate investor or a real estate developer who buys, rehabs, develops and sells properties.

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residential property management landlords quickbooks desktop book cover

Residential Property Management for Landlords: QuickBooks Desktop

Are you alarmed by dwindling profits and second-guessing the massive time commitments of owning properties? Discover the quick and easy solution to all of your financial and property management needs!

This book is for an employee of a landlord or a landlord who manage their own long term rentals – self managing.

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residential property management managers quickbooks desktop book cover

Residential Property Management for Managers: QuickBooks Desktop

Are you irritated with the long hours you spend bookkeeping and dissatisfied with your expensive property management software? Increase your property management profits while decreasing the time you spend doing the jobs you don’t like!

This book is for a property manager who owns a property management company and manages landlords’ or property owner’s long term rentals.