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Review from CPA and QuickBooks Consultants

I’m here to talk a little bit about Gita and her book Condominiums and Homeowners Associations. I joined a couple of groups in marketing called Business Managers International. We use these groups to find prospects and you’ll find that each homeowner’s association or condo association has a different weird thing they want out of their system. ,There’s nobody else as knowledgeable. Thank you.

Dick Stanfield

R Stanfield Consulting

We are a QuickBooks accounting and consulting firm. When we got into the property management world we understood that we had to gain more expertise about how to manage property management and other real estate clients using QuickBooks software.

Peter Cullen

I can’t say enough great things about Gita Faust series Managing Properties with QuickBooks. I have not only the one for property management but also the one for HOA’s. I’ve got thirty years’ experience with homeowners associations but knew when I saw her book and the great detail that it went into that I had to get it as another resource. Always helpful for when I’ve got new bookkeepers coming in or new treasurers who are going to take over the books. So they know exactly how to do it and why.

Nancy Gomez

Reviews from CPA Academy – QBO for Real Estate Investors

Nice insight into QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Mikhail D.

Chicago, IL

This course provides great background material on how useful QuickBooks Online can be in the real estate industry.

Jeneen Perkins

Eclat Enterprises, LLC

Very informative webinar.

Jaya S.

Culver City, CA

Good job – pleasant voice and good topics.

Colleen K.

Buffalo, NY

Good information, very well presented, and easy to understand and utilize.

Deborah Z.

High Point, NC

Excellent presentation, I learned ways to save time with Real Estate clients.

Jennifer B.

Bethesda, MD

Very unique and yet needed content. Really learned a lot. Appreciated the level of detail.

Jonathan B

Atlanta, GA

Absolutely excellent and creative use of Quickbooks locations, classes, labels, products and services categories!

Debra B.

Loveland, CO

Teaches you to use QuickBooks in a creative way Excellent webinar, teaches you to use QuickBooks in a creative way, using classes, subclasses, customers, products, services as ways to create clear real estate reports. Very clearly taught and explained.

Malky F

Lakewood, NJ

Very Beneficial, Excellent information! I found it very beneficial.

Marcus Meeks

City of Lakeland

Gita Faust’s Reviews From Intuit Website

We have been using Gita Faust as our QuickBooks advisor for a number of years and found her to be a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for someone who is very familiar with the QuickBooks process we highly recommend her approach

Part-Time CFO

Gita saved my day. She corrected my QuickBooks immediately so I can use it without going through all the steps needed to complete my real estate agent tasks. Thanks, Gita!

My Angel 


Reviews from Google

I purchased a book by Gita Faust entitled “For the Landlord Whose Properties Are Managed by a Property Management Company.” By following the instructions in Gita’s book I am now able to quickly and accurately account for rental income and expenses. In addition, I have called Gita on several occasions to ask her questions about accounting for rental properties in QuickBooks. In each case, Gita Faust answered all of my questions to my satisfaction.


I had purchased the book Flip Real Estate Using Quickbooks by Gita Faust. This book will explain everything you need to know if you follow it step by step. In my case I had no experience and learned a lot from this book. Gita was there to help me out work through my problems which was nice. I would recommend this book to anyone in the flipping houses business.

Don Park

Gita has been nothing but amazing. She has helped me setup and update my QuickBooks accounts. She also helped me when my computer crashed. She had a computer tech save all of my documents. I highly recommend using Fast Trac Consulting for your quick fix needs.

Jonathan Schultz

Co Founder

I started a vacation rental business and was so lost so quick. Searching the internet I found Gita’s book and immediately bought it. My first call to Fast Trac Consulting was answered by none other than Gita herself. Everytime I’ve called she has taken the call and helped me figure out my situation, shown me how to correct and then send me on my way with homework! Great help and looking forward to not being “lost”.

Pamela McCue


We at Beaufort Property Rentals have used your techniques to streamline the bookkeeping and 1099s for our property rental business. Now my wife has more time to be sweet to me! YAY!!!

Michael Woodhall


Gita and Fast Trac Consulting have been a great resource in setting up and managing our books. Their training is concise and comprehensive, and really put me on a good path to success. I continually go back to the resources they offer when I need a refresher or have an obstacle with Quick Books, and they’re consistently updating and improving their offerings. Happy I found them!

Rex Property Group LLC

Reviews from Facebook

Reviews from LinkedIn

Gita has helped organize my bookkeeping nightmare and now I have time to do what I do best–(and it’s not bookkeeping)!

Dave Margolis


They know how to deliver service with great expertise. A good company to work with.

Rohan Desai


Gita provided us with excellent bookkeeping and tax services in a family owned business. She gives you an excellent service for her price.

Martin Healey


I worked with Gita when I was Account Coordinator at Crossbow Studio. She helped me learn QuickBooks and answered my questions quickly and thoroughly so I could help Crossbow management with the company financials.

Stephanie Funk


I have known and worked with Gita for approximately ten years. Gita is extremely knowledgeable regarding QuickBooks and real estate management software.

H. Jeffrey Brahin


Gita has assisted with resolving numerous Quickbooks issues for us. Gita is very responsive, managing the business with a very hands-on approach. We are very pleased overall with Fast Trac’s services.

Fred Moskowitz


Gita is a real professional” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Gita. I’m sure she will handle even the toughest property management issues with a smile. Her team is a one stop shop for QuickBooks.

Michael King


Gita has exceptional depth of real estate inventory and asset management. She brings a wealth of her knowledge to those who want to learn how to generate business for success.

Kim Wilson


Gita is one of the most capable people I have ever had the pleasure working with. Her vast knowledge and experience of QuickBooks, real estate and property management, her strong interpersonal skills make her a great person to work with

Colin Pinto


Gita is a very intelligent, experienced professional who will give you her best. I believe having her assist you with Quick books and real estate management would be of great benefit to you and your company. Check her out!

Ellen Cahill

What Other Clients Are Saying

I heartily recommend Gita for accounting services and for the jobs she goes for in the realtor community.

Anne M. Costello

Realtor in Bucks County, PA

Gita, I had read your email and they are valuable to me. Thank you, for your valuable service and information you provide.

Anna Corvan


I want to let you know that I received a lot of value from the materials I purchased!! Your team is very kind and courteous!

Janet Flink


Gita’ team is the only true property management QuickBooks expert. I have met her personally. She really knows her stuff.

Adam Seelig

CEO of Eagle Rock Management

You are brilliant. I wasn’t reading your emails because of time, thinking I already knew what you were writing about, etc. But when you offered to take away your emails I found myself wanting them – No! You won’t take my emails, even if I am not reading them. (: The mind can be so funny. But good on you, since I plan to read your next email to see if it is valuable for me.

Scott McGregor

I’ve been using your bookkeeping services for my property management company and I want to say it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Your ability to customize QuickBooks to suit the needs of my business is remarkable. As you know, my clients, both commercial and residential real estate investors, have high standards for their real estate investments. With your service I have the ability to respond to their needs accurately and in a timely way.

Joseph Wingert

Real Estate Investment Services LLC