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A simplified accounting solution for real estate flippers & those who support investors

Gita Faust

Hey there,

It’s Gita Faust here – a top real estate accounting, Advanced Certified QuickBooks expert, and trainer.

The fact that you’re reading this tells me that you’re ready to make more money flipping real estate properties.

I’ve decided to pull back the curtain on the flipping process to show you exactly what you need to do in order to turn your house flipping business (or the one you support) into a money-making machine.

Your success in real estate flipping depends on whether or not you have implemented the right accounting system, bookkeeping solution, and management team.

While setting up your accounting system is not as glamorous as completing an actual rehab, it is absolutely necessary for the growth of your business.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

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House flipping is a HOT trend these days!
Focused on the promise of booming profits and
a free lifestyle, many are jumping on the bandwagon.


However, there’s the brutal truth that no one likes to talk about.

House flipping is a risky business, and while there is money to be made, the heedless can lose thousands of dollars or more!

The biggest mistake made by house flippers is
not learning how to properly manage a housing project.
Poor management practices lead to an overall poor performance
  • Tax implications
  • Lost time and money
  • Lack of strategic analysis
  • Miscalculating repair times
  • Under-estimating repair costs
  • Over-estimating potential profits

Your real estate flipping business could be at risk if…

You lack an accounting and management system

You’re struggling to acquire and manage your equity

You’re unsure how to accurately track expenses

Your project is always over budget (money and time!)

Planning for the unexpected seems impossible

You need help but don’t have the money to hire

You’re uninformed about real estate flipping taxes

You lack the ability to perform a post-rehab analysis

Making a profit is harder than you thought

You’re quickly running out of time, money and energy!

I’m about to show you a SIMPLIFIED ACCOUNTING SOLUTION that will transform your risky real estate flipping business into one that is thriving and built to deliver AMAZING profits everytime – consistently and predictably.

For successful rehabs, accounting and bookkeeping are not a mystery; there is an actual method to their madness. If you use the right tools, you can organize, track, and review each property in no time!

It’s time to become the CFO of your business so that you can:

Masterfully manage your finances

Easily track inventory and expenses

Confidently acquire and track equity

Boost your bottom line profits – at will

Track customer and vendor information

Stay in control of your projects at all times

Know how every dollar is being earned and spent

Confidently assess opportunities for profit potential

Avoid costly mistakes while mitigating potentials risks

Minimize tax consequences and potential tax hazards

Build vendors’ trust and loyalty

Always have access to the info you need

Conduct a post-rehab analysis

Make educated, fact based decisions

Are you facing any flipping challenges in your business and
wish your flipping experience was better?


If your answer is YES, then keep reading. But first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.

You’re in the right place if…

You’re a real estate investor or developer (new or seasoned) and want to INCREASE YOUR PROFITS by flipping real estate

You manage real estate investors or developers and want to implement an accounting system that delivers results

You want a highly customized, automated and reliable accounting and management system to streamline

You’re ready to make some serious MONEY so that you can finally have the lifestyle of which you’ve dreamed

This is NOT for you if…

You’re unwilling to take care of the details. (The words ‘accounting’ and ‘asset management systems’ make your eyes glaze over, and you’d rather just get on with the creative stuff)

Important: If you don’t want to handle the accounting and management of your flipping business, then you’ll NEED to find someone to do it for you (such as a CPA, consultant, bookkeeper, office manager, CFO, controller, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, or anybody of the like).

Make sure that whomever you hire has this information. By ensuring you get the right system in place, you reduce the number of hours you spend working and increase the amount of money you save!

You really believe you don’t need an accounting and management system. After all, you’ve watched more than enough reality shows to know what you’re doing. How hard could it be, right?

TIP: If this sounds like you, you probably do need a solution.
You think flipping is a quick way to get rich quick, so you do not want to spend time on the boring back-end details

You believe that flipping real estate will always be unpredictable so you don’t believe “a system” has the power to eliminate challenges

You’re not willing to do what it takes (which is doing the things most people WON’T DO – in order to have the life that most people will never have)

You’re not interested in becoming an expert real estate investor and would rather wing it. Average results (at best!) are good enough for you

Are you saying “an accounting & management system” is going to help me grow my real estate flipping business?


YES! You’ve got it!

How to successfully flip properties while making a substantial profit is not a mystery. There is always something working on the back-office bookkeeping and accounting, and that is what you need to know.!

The only thing that separates average investors from great ones is utilizing an efficient and effective accounting system.

Your accounting system is the engine that drives your success, and the one you choose to use will be the determining factor in how well you do in the buy, rehab, and flip business.

Now you can implement a premier accounting system
without having to spend a fortune in both time and money


Personally, I like making things easy for people.

The accounting and asset management system I am about to show you is actually the same one I use for my private clients – clients who pay me tens of thousands of dollars to implement it for them.

But not everyone has $10,000+ to spend on hiring me nor do I have the time to help everyone who needs it.

That is why I created a simple, do-it-yourself method for implementing the right systems into your business.

It’ll be like I transferred all of my knowledge and experience (25+ years of it) to you so that you can instantly promote yourself to CFO of your flipping business.

You’ll get from average and struggling to PRO and PROFITING in no time!

Here’s how to go Pro as a real estate investor


Step 1: Get my MUST-HAVE time-tested and PROVEN system.

Step 2: Implement the system using easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

Step 3: Use your new system – again and again – throughout the lifespan of your business.

Step 4: Build tremendous wealth, love what you do, and WIN BIG – in both life and business.

Want a sneak peek? Click here!

It really is that simple, so simple in fact that most people overlook the hidden power that having a scalable system can bring to a real estate flipping business.

But not you!

If I don’t do this, will my flipping business sink?


Frankly speaking, the answer is YES.

In any business, it is nearly impossible to stay afloat without having the right foundational support you need – and this is especially true in the real estate flipping industry. That is why you need to take all of the precautionary measures that guarantee success for your business.

The deciding factor is in your asset management system


As a real estate investor, can you make it or not? I know it sounds harsh, but those who know me also know that I do not mince my words or sugarcoat the truth. However, there is still some REALLY GOOD NEWS here.

You get to choose which outcome you want for your business.


IMPLEMENT A SYSTEM that will streamline your workflow, track expenses, maximize profits for your real estate investing business.
DON’T IMPLEMENT A SYSTEM and risk your profits- or worse, the demise of your business, your savings, and your dream.
Who I am and why you should follow my advice


Over the past 25+ years, I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of real estate professionals grow and maintain sustainable real estate companies.

I’ve mastered how to use the power of QuickBooks specifically for real estate, and as a result, I’m now considered the #1 QuickBooks professional for real estate professionals in North America.

I’m an expert accountant, the recipient of the coveted QuickBooks award for the “Top Niche ProAdvisor in Real Estate and Property Management,” and I have been included in the “Top 100” since 2014.

In other words, I’ve got bragging rights.

Clients usually hire me when they are in one of two situations: either their business is on the verge of devastation (heading that way quickly), or they’re ready to level up their results but don’t know how to do it.

You’re in good hands because I understand the unique needs and challenges that exist when operating a BUY-REHAB-RESELL business like no one else.

My experience over the years has shown me time and time again that real estate investors who flip and the people who support them don’t realize just how risky it is to improperly manage a flipping project until it’s too late.

(With all this money at stake, the unknown tax implications alone are enough to wreak havoc on your business and life – not to mention the effects it would have on your credit, reputation, liability, and more).

Moreover, I’ve seen way too many would-be flipping stars just “winging it” and ultimately wasting energy and losing massive amounts of time and money!

I couldn’t stand by and let this happen any longer – so I created a do-it-yourself method for turning YOU into a PRO CFO for your real estate flipping business.

Introducing Flip Real Estate with QuickBooks Desktop

An affordable step-by-step guide to setting up an accounting, bookkeeping and asset management system that will streamline your workflow, track expenses and maximize profits in your real estate investing business!

I teach you everything you need to know to unlock the untapped power of QuickBooks, with all the necessary knowledge under your belt, you can make more profit buying, rehabbing and flipping properties.

(New to QuickBooks? Don’t worry – you can use this training manual even if you’ve never used QuickBooks before. It was designed for QuickBooks users of all levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.)

This book is jam-packed with tips, tricks, and techniques


Everything you need to know about implementing your accounting and management system is included into one EASY-TO-USE DO-IT-YOURSELF guide.

480+ pages of step-by-step jargon-free instructions along with 250+ screenshots that clearly explain each step so you can get your system up and running in no time.

170+ industry specific customized reports for your flip business. (These are the SAME reports I give to my private clients and will save you 30+ hours and $4500 in consultant f