Our Mission

Fast Trac Consulting builds their accounting, QuickBooks®, and property management consulting services to clients around four primary goals.

1] Time

Fast Trac Consulting is always looking for more ways to save you time. When you hire us to help you with your accounting needs, we look for ways to streamline your accounting and other business systems. Our document management services help you put your accounting and business papers in order. We’ll take over your bookkeeping function and payroll needs. And we’ll speed up your learning curve with our QuickBooks® software consulting and property management software manuals.

2] Organization

We love helping you get organized. We’ll organize your accounting system, papers, and properties.

3] Document Management

We offer document management consulting to help you find things faster and move your business into the future with a paperless office.

4] Property Management

We’ll transform your commercial or residential property management business through our property management consulting services. Or do it yourself and attend our property management seminars or purchase our how-to manual for property managers or our how-to manual for real estate investors and landlords.
Call or email Gita Faust at to find out more about any of our services. We’re here to help you improve your business systems.

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