Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on Partnering with Fast Trac Consulting

We have two programs: one being a Partner and another being an Affiliate.

Fast Trac started the partner program from Gita contributing articles for tax newsletters for Accountants association and by her speaking engagements. We met lot of great, energetic and passionate CPAs, Accountants, Tax Preparers, IT consultants, QuickBooks advisors over the years and kept in touch with our newsletters about Tips, Tricks and QuickBooks software promotion.

Right after we started the partner program, we received countless emails with questions about our program. You will find the answers to all of the questions below. If we have missed something, please feel free to contact us.

We will sell it to you at cost. Then you will resell it to your clients.
You will receive both – a download and a CD version of QuickBooks.
All software are available for the current year. Whatever Intuit sells we sell.
Yes, you can purchase software for your client. We will need the contact details of your client to link the license to his name. You can be rest assured your clients will not be contacted by us.
We will send you and your client a link to download the software.
You will receive a license number and download instructions within 24 hours after the purchase, a CD will arrive within 5 days.
If you buy 3 users – you get one license and one download link.

Here are the quick and easy steps to follow: