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We want to give special thanks to Gita Faust, Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Author, for her leadership in adapting QuickBooks to serve the needs of the real estate and property management industry.

Some of the ideas and concepts you will see in the Property Management section of this course were originally promoted by Gita in her books and in classes she teaches across the country. We are grateful for her passion for teaching these techniques and tips to fellow accounting and property management professionals so they can be more efficient and successful in their businesses.

Gita has published a series of books on the topic of managing properties with QuickBooks, which can be found on her website. We encourage interested readers to purchase her books in order to obtain a more detailed understanding of how to use QuickBooks to serve this particular industry.

Thank You from Intuit, Inc., makers of QuickBooks and Quicken

Gita! Thank you for your outstanding contributions on the forums. I’m sure you know from the discussions in the AllStar forum that we regularly send out surveys to our users to judge their satisfaction, and we have found through extensive study that it is not only the quality of the answer but the speed in which they receive it that determines how satisfied they are with their community experience.

Your answers have proven to be not only accurate, but you are consistently among the fastest to respond. You are really helping others by sharing your knowledge, and we all appreciate it.


Amy, Community Host

Amy, Community Hi Gita, I just want to say THANK YOU for being a great Expert in last week’s Ask the Expert event. It was a big success, thanks to your hard work. You answered many questions, and I know that readers will benefit from your wisdom for a very long time. I hope that it was a good experience for you as well.

Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance to you. See you in the forums!


Jeffrey Young, Intuit Community Team

Here is a thread from the LinkedIn group:

I agree with Kathy – Gita has an excellent book on the topic and is considered a leader in the area of multi-unit and property management accounting using QuickBooks on her website.

Alison Ball, Global Influencer Programs at Intuit