Intuit Premier Reseller

What is an Intuit Premier Reseller?

Intuit Premier Reseller are generally Intuit QuickBooks solution providers who have taken extra steps to become qualified as experts in Intuit software, but target mid-market solutions, including Intuit’s Enterprise Suite (1-30 users) and Point of Sale. We are required to pass a series of exams for each program we support. These products are in direct competition with high-end accounting software solutions but are priced at an affordable level.

We at Fast Trac are proud to be the only Intuit Premier Reseller in Philadelphia and Bucks County. We guarantee the lowest price and compare any other Intuit Premier Reseller’s quote.

Fast Trac Consulting offer our clients customized business management solutions, programs, and processes that meet your unique business needs while enhancing your ability to solve your company diverse and complex requirements.

Fast Trac Consulting, as a Intuit Premier Solution Provider offers a total solution that includes:

  • Data Conversion
  • Custom Programming and Reporting
  • Migrate your existing business data
  • Data Conversion
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Implementation, Set-up and Training
  • Ongoing Support
intuit reseller
Intuit Solution provider suite

Fast Trac, As A Solution Provider, Offers The Highest Level Of Support Available For Intuit QuickBooks Products.

What this means to you:

  • Better pricing. Please check with us before you need ANY Intuit products (software, hardware, or services); we’ll do our best to save you money! We can get setup fees waived, special insider discounts, and more.
  • Better support. I’ll share my access to higher-trained Intuit support reps with you.
  • Dedicated sales team with consultant’s smarts. I can be your sole point of contact, get your registered faster, and get you the RIGHT product and the RIGHT version that you really need.
  • Great add-ons. I stay on top of hundreds of new products that can streamline your bookkeeping and save you time a

Meet Our Intuit Team

Stev Rubio is our dedicated Sales Manager who handles all our pre or post sales related matter for all our QuickBooks software and hardware orders. Stev is just a phone call away. Contact Stev at 520-260-3362 Email:

Estavan (Stev) Rubio Intuit Premier Reseller Channel Sales Manager

Megan Libardi handles all our merchant account needs for QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks Online, GoPayment solutions. Give Megan a call for you free analysis and mention Fast Trac Consulting. Contact Megan at 800-601-4083 ext. 60895 Email:

Megan Libardi Intuit Payment Solutions & Merchant Services

Jon Brogan handles all pre and post questions on QuickBooks payroll including QuickBooks Online, Assisted Payroll and Full Service Payroll service with the capability of job costing. Call me for a free payroll anaylsis and mention Fast Trac Consulting. Contact Jon at 800-498-7401 ext. 87298 Email:

Jon Brogan Intuit Payroll Specialist

Complimentary Consultation

Claim your Free 30-minute phone consultation so we can both determine the best accounting and management solution that’s right for your real estate investing and property management business. Call 215-579-1465 or contact us to find out more about how we can help you Fast Trac Consulting your real estate business.