QuickBooks Data Conversion

When you decide to switch to QuickBooks, we’ve got your back. Our four-step QuickBooks data conversion process is designed to make your transition as effortless and efficient as possible.

Data Conversion to QuickBooks Made Easy

Convert your data to QuickBooks with Fast Trac Consulting

Consider converting your accounting system to QuickBooks because your current software is outdated. You may fancy a system that is easy to navigate, but yours is overly complex. You might even want to switch because the software you use right now is too expensive.

Even though you might have the best reasons to transfigure your system, the whole process can still seem formidable. You might have several gigabytes of data that you need to transfigure, and your current software probably is not one hundred percent compatible with QuickBooks–and these facts make you reluctant to change.

Fast Trac Consulting has got your back. With years of experience helping thousands of other companies migrate their accounting systems, we will make your switch as efficient as possible!

An Easy Process

Help from Fast Trac Consulting makes your conversion process as easy as 1-2-3… 4. It takes four simple steps to get your QuickBooks up and running with all the data you need, so let us do the dirty work for you.

Even after the data conversion process, our team wants to guarantee you are happy with your new accounting system. That is why we check in with you after letting you and your team acclimate to QuickBooks for a bit–and we are always here to help with anything you need before, during, and after the four-step process!

So what are you waiting for? Contact one of our expert team members so you can convert your data to QuickBooks today!

1. Analyzing and Assessing

When we begin the process, we take time to get to know your business and understand your current accounting routine. After assessing your software and methods, we discuss what you need from your new process and determine which products best suit your business.

2. Creating and Converting

Once we have discussed and decided on what your business needs, we create a template file with all your data. You should check your records and determine what information you want to migrate to your new system. From there, we foster data customized for your business and transfigure it to QuickBooks.

3. Testing and Training

By this point, we have configured all of your data and ensured that your QuickBooks is ready to use–so now it is time to run the beta test. Your software will go live, and you will get the opportunity to test it out for yourself. We at FTC will also offer any training you and your team need to become comfortable and confident using your new software.

4. Reviewing and Finalizing

The beta test helps us establish any changes we need to make to optimize your routine for your company. We run through multiple checks to ensure we have imported all the necessary data and added anything else you might want. Once we are confident that QuickBooks is set up for your satisfaction, we answer any last questions you might have and let you loose.

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