QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018 is the most Powerful Accounting Software for your Growing Business

Lots of new features that will make running your business a less stressful task using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise accounting software

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise offers three feature-filled subscriptions. Choose which one is right for you:

check-mark Silver subscription is a great way to get started with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. It includes the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software + Full Service Plan + Advanced Reporting.

check-mark Gold subscription includes all of the features of Silver Edition + QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll which will help you pay employees and file taxes on their behalf.

check-mark Platinum subscription includes all of the features of Gold Edition + Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing, both of which will help you manage complex inventory and pricing processes.

QuickBooks Enterprise without Hosting

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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting Subscription

Intuit QuickBooks Hosting

$44 / user / month*

Join the on-the-go trend with 1000’s of Businesses!

Are you constantly on-the-go and want to access QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise outside of the office? Do you need more flexibility, mobility and data security? Your best solution is to use the cloud-based QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Hosted is a monthly subscription with an annual commitment; early termination fees apply.

QBES Hosted: Key Benefits

check-mark Multi-user access from multiple locations. Free your staff and accountant to get more done, working with the same information, simultaneously, from anywhere.

check-markEasy and convenient access across multiple platforms. Work on QuickBooks from your PC, Mac, Tablets, wherever you are.

check-markWith 24/7 live support and extra data security. Enjoy peace of mind with automatic backups with bank-level security, behind-the-scenes maintenance, and 24/7 live expert support – all included in your subscription.

*For new QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Subscription customers only (inactive or annual paid subscriptions are eligible)

Intuit makes it easy for you to pay for that annual subscription with 12 monthly installments. It is monthly BILLING, not a monthly subscription.

Our Price Guarantee and Benefits

check-mark Save 63% when you purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with a QuickBooks guide for real estate or property management
check-mark Take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER. when you purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, choose ANY one of ourQuickBooks Guides for FREE! Write the name of the guide in the order notes at the checkout or just give us a call to place your order.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Full Service Plan

As a valued customer who’s purchased QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, you will be eligible to take advantage of our Full Service Plan. You will receive the newest versions of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise when they are released. These updates will provide enhancements to help you save time and be more efficient.

In addition to always having access to the latest product version, features and tools of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, your membership in our Full Service Plan entitles you to many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Customer Support – 24/7 access to U.S.-based QuickBooks support, unlimited number of support incidents
  • Online Backup – access to secure online storage to back up your important files
  • Data Recovery – data recovery and password removal help in the event you have problems with your QuickBooks data file or forget passwords
  • Everything Enterprise – your resource for online training videos, software upgrades, additional support information and more – all in one place. Visit www.qbes.com/everythingenterprise
  • Training Tools – complimentary access to Mastering QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, an interactive training program.
  • Preferred Rates on QuickBooks Payments – you may qualify for preferred rates on QuickBooks Payments with your active Full Service Plan.

For more information on Full Service Plan, click here.

With QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018 You Can:

  • Maintain control over user access
  • Keep your data history lists
  • Use exclusive add-ons that let you do more
  • Use customizable reports
  • Access your accounting data anytime, anywhere

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018 has all the functionality you need to manage your company’s finances. The software was designed for businesses with more complex needs.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Features

Advanced Reporting
Track the health of your business in details with the help of new Advanced Reporting feature. Access all your QuickBooks data to build any report you need.

quickbooks enterprise advanced reporting

quickbooks enterprise shortage report for assemblies

Shortage Report for Assemblies
You don’t have to scroll through pages to find where you are short anymore! With the help of new Shortage Report you will be able to know in seconds what is missing for the assemblies you need to build.

Disallow Negative Inventory Quantities
You can maintain control of your average cost by preventing it from resetting when you have items in stock.

quickbooks enterprise disallow negative inventory quantities

quickbooks enterprise disallow selling customers overdue payments

Disallow Selling to Customers with Overdue Payments
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018 has a feature that will help you prevent selling to customers who have overdue payments.

Total Any Column on Sales and Purchases
You don’t have to total quantities on purchase orders manually! Do it automatically with QuickBooks Enterprise for Contractors within a few seconds.

quickbooks enterprise total any column sales purchases

quickbooks enterprise business insights homepage

Business Insights on the Home Page
You can get all important business insights on one page within just one click.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Includes All the Benefits of QuickBooks Premier PLUS:

  • Reports customization with ODBC-compliant applications and direct connection to the QuickBooks database.
  • Inventory capabilities that let you track and value inventory in multiple locations
  • Exclusive tools help improve functionality and productivity of QuickBooks software
  • Expanded user controls that help you protect the data against fraud and employee errors
  • The system supports up to 30 users and can track hundreds of thousands of items, customers, and vendors
  • Full service support and upgrade. When buying the product you get data protection, access to Intuit’s team of product experts and unlimited technical support for the first year of ownership

The similarity of Enterprise with QuickBooks Premier will allow you to avoid time spent learning new software. Additionally, you will be able to easily move data from another version to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.


Terms of Service

Yes! Intuit Inc. stand behind QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, return it to Intuit within 60 days along with a dated receipt for a refund on your purchase price. Try out QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with no risk whatsoever.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise promotions may not be combined. Call us for pricing. When purchasing QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Gold/Platinum as a current payroll customer, please provide your EIN so your account can be transferred/activated within your Enterprise subscription.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Subscription Required Messaging


If you choose to not renew your Enterprise subscription, here are your other options to access the data in your company file:

  • You can start an Enterprise free trial subscription to read your data, and then cancel your free trial before it ends.
  • You can take your company file to another accounting software provider, who can migrate your file to their software.
  • You can take your file to an Intuit Reseller or QuickBooks ProAdvisor and have them access the data for you.

Specialized For Your Industry

If your business is manufacturing or wholesale, contracting, retail, or nonprofit, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has features tailored to your specific industry.

Additional Features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise was designed for businesses that need advanced reporting capabilities, more user controls and inventory tools. With it, you can track over 100,000 customers, vendors, and inventory items.

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