New Year’s resolutions :12 Ways to Change Your Habits and Make 2015 Successful

New Year's resolutions

It is that time of year again. The time when everybody is talking about their New Year’s resolutions, and yes, I may have a few goals and New Year’s resolutions of my own for this year. When it comes to business, my goal is always the same: save time and money! And time is money, at least when you are working.

What I hope to accomplish is more peace of mind and relaxation. Who says you need Yoga? Ok, yoga does help!

Here are some changes I plan on making to achieve New Year’s resolutions, my goal and make my business really succeed in 2015.

  1. Get rid of my overcrowded email inbox. I admit, I don’t read them all. In fact, a fair number are coming from the times when I’ve sat watching TV and signed up for free updates or news from one website or another. This year I plan to unsubscribe from those I am no longer interested in. I may even set up another email address just for the sign-ups.
  2. Stop listening to the news. my New Year’s resolutions, I’m speaking for myself here, but the news always takes me on a downward spiral and when I am through, not only have I lost time, but I haven’t learned one thing that motivates me.
  3. No more new social media accounts! my resolution for the new year... Am I the only one who has noticed how many social media sites are out there, with more offers to sign up for still more each day? I’ve decided to stop building those numbers and concentrate on a few important sites I already have and how to expand them for my business.
  4. Stop connecting to people who are not on the same page as I am. It is just not worth it.
  5. Take time before hiring. Instead of hiring someone hastily to accomplish my projects, I find it is more beneficial in the long run to take a deep breath, check out their references, see their follow-up, and make an informed decision. It might take a little longer, but the result will be worth it. No rush jobs for me this year.
  6. Along the same lines as #5, test new employees or contractors with a small project. No giving away my biggest client. I plan to pay an employee for a day and if they said they could do the job and could not, let them go. Make a list and double-check it in the first two days.
  7. Stop telling people I do not have time. Hire someone part-time to help out. Look into a virtual assistant.
  8. Stop telling people I do not have money. I am spending some writing this and you’ve just spent some reading it. Time is money. Additionally, I plan to cut the incidentals, like going to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks –for the trouble of a coffee, both time and money can be saved!
  9. Change my cooking habits. We all have to eat and I do love cooking, but food does not like me and prep takes a lot of time, so I plan to start cooking for a week and freezing it. It’ll save the money and calories of takeout, too!
  10. Be selective. Instead of saying yes to every client that comes my way, I am going to be a bit more picky and concentrate on what I want. I’ll have more success because I’ll be focusing on those clients who are the right fit, those people I can really help and these are my New Year’s resolutions.
  11. Start to build more relationships. I’d like to share more and I’d like to reach out to my contacts who might write articles I can post and share with our readers. You can help me with this one…if you have something to share, let me know.
  12. Keep abreast of tax news and share it with you. This is a must in the accounting field and I plan to pass along tips and tricks I am learning to those who sign up for my newsletter.

Some of these may take a different mindset to succeed. They will certainly take time and dedication until the new habits form. They say that is about 21 days of doing the same thing for a new habit to form.

I’d like to hear from you. What changes are you making in 2015? what are your New Year’s resolutions? Can we help each other? How is it going so far?

Out with the old… in with the new!

Gita Faust

About the Author

Gita Faust has over 30 years of accounting experience in the real estate and property management industry, Gita Faust is more than just a real estate investor; she is also popular for her work as an accountant, consultant, mentor, speaker, QuickBooks Top ProAdvisor, QuickBooks Solution Provider, member of Intuit’s Trainer/Writer Network, and, of course, author. Gita is well-known for her exemplary leadership and advisory skills. In fact, she even helped pioneer the adaptation of QuickBooks to suit the needs of professionals in real estate and property management. To share her knowledge she has written a series of courses titled Simplified Accounting Solution, which provides step-by-step guidance for those working with QuickBooks.

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