QuickBooks 2013 New Features

QuickBooks 2013

Today, Intuit released QuickBooks 2013 with several aesthetic changes that streamline the software processes. In the 2012 version, Intuit added the Lead and Inventory Centers, Calendar, and updated the reporting features.

The QuickBooks 2013 version’s clean and simple interface allows the user to more effectively use the existing features as well as enhance navigation.

QuickBooks 2013

The major change from the previous version is the look and feel of the new interface. The visual setup follows from familiar web applications and Intuit has unified the icons and look of the software.

  • New! Navigation Ribbon on Transactions: Now when you open any transaction screen, all of the associated tasks are conveniently displayed on a navigation bar on the top of the screen. It also features quick links to the basic transaction reports and the transaction journal.
  • New! Navigation Panel: On the left side, Intuit added another navigation tool as an alternative to the top Icon bar. On this panel, you can access your To-do list and screen shortcuts. Year by year, QuickBooks is moving towards becoming a total small business solution instead of just a financial accounting solution.
  • Improved! Updated Centers: On that note, the updated Customer, Vendor, and Employee Centers are more comprehensive and allow you to easily view contacts and associated tasks. Intuit took the basic look of the Lead Center in the 2012 version and simplified it for the other centers.
  • Improved! Intuit App Center: If you use the Intuit App Center to customize your QuickBooks system for your industry, the new 2013 version may be a wise upgrade for you. QuickBooks 2013 now integrates better with the Intuit App Center.
  • Improved! Contributed Reports: Last year, Intuit unveiled Contributed Reports which allows regular users to share their report templates customized for specific industries. A year and 6,500 reports later, QuickBooks users can analyze their business progress on several metrics using this feature.

Overall, Intuit listened to user recommendations to make it more visually appealing and easier to work with by increasing the font size and making the tables more legible.

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