5 Tips You Need to Know to Flip Houses like a Pro

Flip Houses

Whether one is selling a long lived in home, or simply flipping a property for profit, the importance of how you present a home to prospective buyers cannot be disputed.

It is not as easy as listing your house through a realtor, and hoping for the best. In the current market, the seller has to do as much work as an agent, regardless of if they are using one or not.

Stage It

One of the best ways for a seller to flip their house quickly is by staging it up with furniture, decorations, and/or antiques. Once buyers see the house in a livable condition, they can easily imagine themselves living there as well. You won’t have to sell them the personal items either. It just for show, but it works!

Replace Appliances

Who wants to see outdated or dirty appliances a house? If the house has an old oven or refrigerator with brown rusty stains, replace them immediately. Buyers want to see as much perfection as possible in the houses they look to purchase and that means everything – including the Appliances – have to look clean and orderly.

Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting can do wonders for the sale of a house. Appearance is everything, so consider painting both the interior and exterior. It is always a good idea to use light colors or white paint, as anything dark will make the house look older. A clean, light color gives buyers, the feeling of a new start, satisfaction, and/or happiness.

Hold Open Houses

If you are selling your house with a realtor, don’t depend on them to show your house to every buyer that calls. Realtors can be busy and generally don’t want to waste too much of their time on one house, unless it is worth a big commission for them. Take initiative, as the seller, to have as many open houses as you can. Showing the inside of your house to as many potential buyers as possible, increases your changes of a quick sales. At an open house, you’ll have the opportunity to answer all of their questions at one time.

Take Good Pictures

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Most people search the internet when the go house hunting, so good pictures are everything. Without pictures, buyers are likely to just go on to the next listing and skip yours. Quality is important, too. Upload pictures that are brightly lit. We recommend using a digital camera with least 1080p. Hire a photographer if you have to. It will be worth it.

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