Chart of Accounts for a Transportation, Trucking, or Delivery Company

Chart of Accounts for a Transportation, Trucking, or Delivery Company

Download the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts for Transportation, Trucking, or Delivery Companies

Truckers have often been referred to as the backbone of the American economy, and just as the economy needs a strong backbone to run smoothly, so does a QuickBooks file or any other accounting software. Because the chart of accounts plays a role in all of the business transactions you record, implementing a solid one streamlines the accounting process for transportation, trucking, and delivery companies, especially when your chart of accounts is tailored to your needs.

We offer a free PDF download for an industry-specific chart of accounts, designed specifically for transportation, trucking, and delivery companies—and it can even be used for limo and taxi services!




Why is customization so helpful, though?

Well, think about it: transportation companies typically offer a variety of services, such as freight, product, partial load, pipe load, heavy haul, or passenger transportation—all services that require both a gas surcharge income account and a gross trucking income account. If you charge for layout, pallets, stops, or unloading, you might also need separate income accounts for those revenues as well.

On top of that, trucking expenses in and of themselves center around truck maintenance, so it is important to have expense accounts for the purchase of new trucks, rig repairs, and tools to help with loading and unloading trucks. Let’s not forget about gas expenses, either; even if the price of gas is being charged to the client, those charges should be recorded as a Cost of Goods Sold account. 

Having a customized chart of accounts for your industry helps ensure that you can efficiently, effectively, and, most importantly, accurately keep track of your company’s transactions using the right accounts. With our custom chart of accounts, your QuickBooks software turns into QuickBooks for trucking. Transportation, trucking, and delivery are not all we do; we design customized charts of accounts for over thirty different industries, and we can customize further at your request!

It doesn’t stop there, either! The possibilities for your business are endless. We also offer several services aiming to improve your company’s accounting and bookkeeping routine.

What are you waiting for? Get your company’s bookkeeping engine revving today! Schedule an appointment with one of our experts, and experience accounting like never before.

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