QuickBooks Online for Condo and HOA (online video course)



QuickBooks Online Version for Condo or HOA:  We strongly recommend QuickBooks Online Plus

CLICK HERE to Sign up for QuickBooks Essential or Plus. Receive discount for 12 months subscription . Click here review the difference between Essential and Plus

On purchase you will learn to customize QuickBooks Online for Condo:

  • Customize QuickBooks Online for Condo or HOA
  • Set-up your QuickBooks Online for Condo or HOA
  • Import Chart of Accounts for Condo or HOA
  • Enter the Budget for Condo or HOA
  • Enter Members Contact Details
  • Enter Members Balances
  • Customize reports
  • Record Opening Balances
  • Go through our checklist for Condo or HOA
  • You will learn to:

    • Enter and change a new account
    • Enter and change a member name
    • Enter members dues
    • Enter bills and pay them
    • Reconcile your bank accounts
    • Create a budget
    • Reports for the board members

    100% Guaranteed satisfaction. No refunds after we start working on your file and/or give you access to videos.



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