QuickBooks General: Company Preferences

In the QuickBooks General Preferences tab, there are only a few options under the Company Preferences tab. Though they are few,

 these options are important to know about as they affect the viewing options of the company for all users in QuickBooks General.

  • Time Format
    • These options are related to how you would like QuickBooks to display portions of an hour. You can choose to display them as a decimal or in minutes. If you choose to display as a decimal, then the time five hours and fifteen minutes would display as 5.25. If this time were displayed in minutes, it would be 5:15. It is very important to know which display you are using. The default setting is the “Minutes” setting
  • Always Show Years as 4 Digits
    • Checking this box means that years are displayed in 4 digits. When unchecked, the year 1987 would display as 87
  • Never Update Name Information when Saving Transactions
    • Usually, QuickBooks will ask you if you would like to update the name in a transaction if you choose to change something like the address. Checking this option will stop this prompt from displaying
  • Save Transactions Before Printing
    • Having this option checked will save a transaction before it is printed. So if you change a transaction and then immediately choose print, the file will save and the updated information will display when it is printed.

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