QuickBooks Online for Real Estate Flips


Learn to flip houses with QuickBooks Online and track property financials. Master accounting, bookkeeping, and recordkeeping with our:

  • Video Course
  • Instruction on how to custom set up your QuickBooks Online
  • Industry-standard Chart of Accounts for flipping property
  • List of Products and Services



It is a total solution for buying, rehabbing, and reselling real estate – accounting, bookkeeping, and recordkeeping.

This course aims to give you the tools to manage flip properties confidently as a real estate investor. This manual will dispel your fears about using simple workflows and procedures for using QuickBooks Online.

From the simplest to the most complicated tasks, this course provides the best solutions for managing flip and rehab properties with QuickBooks Online. Learn how to enter transactions and analyze your properties with our step-by-step instructions. Create your reports by rehab and sold properties and vendors. Your financial information will be available at your fingertips in the case of audits or to share with your accountant or attorney.

We have included four courses:

1. Accounting 101

2. QuickBooks Setup

3. QuickBooks Basics

4. Flip Real Estate with QuickBooks Online

Having been an accountant for over 25 years, working with 1000 clients, I am still looking for off-the-shelf financial software that is as easy to use as QuickBooks. Don’t think about it as accounting software; it is best to view it as simple software that compiles data and produces financial reports.



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