QuickBooks Preferences: General: My Preferences Part 1

QuickBooks General Preferences

The QuickBooks General Preferences tab is home to all of the basic options that help you move more easily around QuickBooks. This post will be covering part of the My Preferences tab, which has most of the options.

  • Pressing Enter Moves Between Fields
    • Choosing this option will make it so that pressing enter in QuickBooks forms will not close the window or save information, it will move the cursor between fields
  • Automatically Open Drop-down Lists When Typing
    • Choosing this option turns on the auto-complete function in QuickBooks General Preferences. If what you start typing in a field starts to match a list item, then that list item will appear in a drop-down so you can simply select the item instead of having to type it every time.
  • Beep when Recording a Transaction
    • This option makes QuickBooks play a beep sound to confirm that a transaction is being recorded.
  • Automatically Place Decimal Point
    • When checked, this option will automatically place a decimal point between the second and third digits from the right. So entering “1785” turns into 17.85. If this option is off, then “1785” would be read as 1785.00.
  • Warn when Editing a Transaction
    • When this option is turned on, closing a transaction before saving it will show a warning message to make sure that you meant to leave before saving.

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